The Brazilian company Maplink has officially launched in France its urban logistics platform (Maplink Urban Logistics Platform), proposed in Saas mode. Designed using the technologies of the French publisher Optilogistic, which it bought and absorbed at the end of 2016 (creator of the Axiodis tour optimization suite), it is already marketed in South America. “The platform is aimed at all companies that want to optimize their home delivery process, the same day or express when orders arrive,” said Frederico Hohagen, CEO of Maplink. The offer can therefore interest indifferently catering or retail brands, whether they work in B-to-C or B-to-B mode: real-time optimization of product delivery rounds upon receipt of orders and then geolocation in real time of all the routes of the deliverers or drivers (it can be external service providers). Users also have the ability to communicate with their drivers or drivers because they have a mobile application, receive alerts in case of problems, and benefit from reporting on all tours. “Our platform integrates with any existing solution,” notes Frederico Hohagen. On the pricing side, it is necessary to count on a cost per site of approximately 19 € per month to which must be added a cost per delivery of 50 cents of euros after the first 50 deliveries (these tariffs can evolve according to the guaranteed volumes). “Globally, we expect 10 million deliveries in our fiscal year 2018/2019,” says Maplink’s CEO. And part of this volume will be put to the credit of France: Maplink is already testing with a sign of food delivery on the territory and the company expects about fifty French customers at the end of 2018. Maplink claims to today 1,200 customers in 19 countries. “And we continue to innovate, concludes Frederico Hohagen. We are working on the development of a modular platform with all of our solutions”

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